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Staking, Game Tease and More: Duelist King Continues to Build Momentum

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Hey, Duelist King allies, and welcome to this edition of our bi-weekly newsletter. Over the last couple of weeks, we have introduced a range of new initiatives, teased our gameplay, launched programs for the community and formed new partnerships. As we approach the release of our game demo at the end of this month, we are ramping up our output. As a result, we are excited to share what we have been working on.

Major Accomplishments

  • We introduced our staking NFT reward program on January the 25th, aligning with the lunar new year, enabling us to celebrate the new year as a community. You can read more about staking $DKT and how to stake it

  • We have worked hard to grow our social media channels. Over the last week alone, we have seen 5,000 new members join our Twitter. We have you, the community, to thank for such exponential growth. Thank you!

  • We released intuitive new blogs such when we sat down with DK CEO Dũng Trần to discuss the past, present and future of Duelist King

  • We launched our game teaser trailer, showcasing new cards and what fans can expect when Duelist King releases in March. You can watch it.

  • Solidified our community activities, boosting community engagement

  • Formed new partnerships and participated in several AMA’s, strengthening our ties with the NFT community.


We partnered with Cheesus. The partnership will enable DK to dominate the NFT market through the platforms extensive analytical toolset. Read more about the partnership here.

We are in negotiation with Acknoledger. Acknoledger is a platform that maps, distributes and monetizes web 3.0 digital assets across gaming NFTs and Metaverses. We are excited about this potential collaboration with more information to come in the future. So stay tuned!

We participated in several AMA’s. Our CMO, Nicole Nguyen, spoke at the India Fintech week.

We partook in other AMAs with Gemhouse Capital and Moon invest, strengthening our ties with the platforms.

Community Activities

We continued to tease our V3 cards to the community, such as Druid the Holler, Skytten the Saddle and many more. We asked the community to suggest edits to previously written card stories to get their feedback. You can find out more information here.

Our Discord shop is continuing to grow well. If you don’t know, the shop enables you to farm valuable $DKT, which you can use to buy Duelist King mystery boxes. You can sign up for the shop and our discord here.

We continued to build our community loyalty program. We award our most dedicated Duelist King community members with rewards. You can earn loyalty points by being an active member of the DK telegram and competing in challenges.

Game on weekends continues to be a big success. Game on the weekends is an initiative that allows DK allies to compete against one another on Telegram through mini games to win $DKT.

Stay tuned for more exciting community programs in the coming weeks!

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