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Duelist King Tournament: The Playbook

Duelist King Tournament: The Playbook

This blog provides a playbook on how to play Duelist King in light of our first NFT gaming tournament on August 18th. We outline how to get started with the game, the game mechanics, and how to win against all odds.

What is the Duelist King Tournament?

The Duelist King Tournament will be hosted on the 10th of August (Time TBD) and will consist of sixteen players. The format will be a basic knockout tournament, meaning when two players battle one another, the player that wins two out of three encounters will win and advance to the next round.

Each player will be given the same deck of Duelist King cards. It is up to the player to create their own individual deck from these cards to optimize their strategy before entering a match.

How to get started with the Tournament?

  1. Firstly, search the Duelist King website

  2. Choose either the android or web version of Duelist King and download it.

  3. Once loaded into Duelist King, create your deck. The maximum number of cards in each deck will be 30. Players will be given the same cards

  4. Once your deck is curated, you will be put against another player in a match-up to remember.

Game Mechanics

The core gameplay of Duelist King is fundamentally easy to pick up and fun to play. Here’s a quick refresher of how to play:Each player has 30 life points. When a player’s life is reduced to 0, they lose. After 10 rounds, if a player has more life points, they win. If there is a draw in life points, the player that goes second will win.

On the player’s turn, they will automatically roll customized six-sided dice to collect magical tokens to gain an advantage, such as the summon token, buffing token, and attack token.

After the dice roll and card draw, players can now choose how to act with their cards. Players have phases of action. In the first phase, players can summon cards (given they have enough summon points).

In the second phase, the players can attack the enemy through the attack phase. But be warned, you only have a set amount of time to make decisions. Once your time is up, it will be your opponent’s turn.

Both you and the computer will take turns summoning and using your cards in a battle to the death.For a more in-depth guide on how to play Duelist King, make sure to check out the video guide below.


The tournament will have a prize pool of $2000 in USDT and NFTs. The breakdown of rewards goes as follows:

  • QF: $100 worth of NFTs

  • SF: $150 worth of NFTs

  • Runner up: $50 in USDT, $350 worth of NFT, and $BRUSH token

  • Winner: $100 in USD, $500 worth of NFTs in $CWS token

Why is the Duelist King Tournament Important?

Gaming tournaments are important because they allow people to compete with each other in a fun, friendly environment. They also enable people to meet new friends and make connections they wouldn’t have otherwise. The Duelist King Tournament provides the opportunities to do just that.

And even if you’re not interested in competing yourself, gaming tournaments are still exciting to watch! They provide an opportunity for people from different places and backgrounds to come together and enjoy the same hobby. Stay tuned for a Duelist King Livestream on August 10th, covering the competition.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Duelist King Tournament will be one for the record books. It will be one of the first NFT card game tournaments and a trendsetter for future industry events. Make sure you digested the above rules and gameplay mechanics for when the tournament starts, it will be one to remember. The best of luck to all participants.

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