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Duelist King Lore Book Chapter 7: The Grayel

Duelist King Lore Book Chapter 7- The Grayel

From the high heavens of Genesis to the depths of Davansa, Duelist King is rich in both story and lore. The Grayel, otherwise known as cave hill, is another realm home to powerful monsters and beasts that are enemies of the night.

All creatures of this land were born from the bottomless cave, a place that absorbs the wandering souls of trespassers. The Troll King is the de facto ruler of this land, the most powerful being. He possesses the ability to regenerate his health and uses his tremendous strength against his enemies to subdue and control them.

All creatures fear this land apart from gods:

Extract in G 19:7, the power of the gods:

Zenobia Glider flew down from Genesis at breathtaking speed, wings glowing in the sunlight. She broke the atmosphere, catching on fire as she crashed like a lightning bolt through the sky.

Spotting knights of the Seven Kingdoms in trouble, she lighted near the group of soldiers.

Dazed by her beauty and blinded by her light, the men stood stunned as Zenobia Glider soared through the air towards them.

“What is it, mortal men” “What hath stricken fear into your bones,” she said, with grit in her voice.

Unable to speak, the men pointed behind her, trembling as they raised their hands.

Tyrant X materialized from the shadows, shrieking and running at Zenobia Glider, ready for attack.

Gracefully bypassing the attack with a simple sidestep, she smiled at the men as Tyrant X prepared to charge at her again.

Conjuring up a bow out of thin air, she sprung a fire-lit arrow at the monster, catching its right knee perfectly. Wounded and immobilized, Tyrant X fell to the ground, screaming in distress.

“Run thou, little fellows; you are saved,” She said to the men. With haste, the knights departed.

Zenobia Glider approached Tyrant X.

Comforted that the beast was not bygone, she began to ponder what her brothers and sisters might have done.

She chuckled as she envisioned what the Invincible Swordsman might have said to her for not slaughtering the beast.

Knowing that war was upon them, she realized that it wouldn’t be long until she had to start slaying herself.

Of course, lesser creatures like the Orc Shamen tell tales of encounters with such almighty creatures:

Extract in G 1:11, a tale or two:

Peering through the crack of a rock in the Grayel, the Orc Shamen, observed as Zenobia Glider, grounded Tyrant X with a single shot from her bow.

He watched as she did not kill the beast but rather quashed it; waiting until she had left the area, he hurried down the hill he was straddled on.

Approaching Tyrant X, the Orc Shamen shuddered as the beast’s warm breath passed over him as it lay immobilized.

Verging on Tyrant X, the Orc Shamen raised his staff, ready to kill the beast and take its soul.

“Not so fast.”

Zenobia Glider came up behind the Orc Shamen, grabbing him by his robes and throwing him onto the chalky ground of the Grayel.

“So, Orc, what do you think you are doing with this beast.” She said with conviction in her voice.

Squirming as he tried to get to his feet, the Orc Shamen replied, “Nonono, nothing.”

“Good, because your fate might have been different from his”

Terrified, the orc finally got to his feet, running frantically into the chasms of the Grayel.

Later that night, he uttered tales of how he came face to face with a god and how his clan best be prepared for an oncoming conflict.

Thus, even the weaker creatures must prepare for the oncoming battle in Duelaria; those who hid in the shadows can hide no longer, not even in the Grayel.

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