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Duelist King Lore Book: Chapter 5 (The Seven Kingdoms)

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In the land of Dularia there are many foul beasts and wicked demons to contend with, but there are also common folk, those who are human. Flesh and blood. The Seven Kingdoms is a legendary realm, home to the mightiest humans that combined have the power to stop the oncoming war.

The Seven Kingdoms are ruled by the table of seven. The table is led by the powerful King of Ebony Tyler and the Queen of Ivory Cecile who rules the territory with both conviction and strength.

Despite their power, both have failed to unite the table against the oncoming wickedness, something they have desperately tried to hold at bay: by sending out their battalions to capture the souls of demons:

Extract in Seven Kingdoms TX 3:9, death comes for us all:

Under the instructions of the King of Ebony, a small troop of brave knights ventured out of the Seven Kingdoms and into the Duelarian wilderness.

They were armed with the finest gear the kingdom had to offer and tasked with claiming the Grey Mountains lost souls for the King.

The knights pushed onwards, defeating imps, and lowly creatures on the way.

In what seemed like years, the knights finally found the Gray Mountain. Tired and hungry, the knights set up camp below the coomb of the mountain, kindling a small fire below its foot.

Songs and rhyme filled the air as the brigade began singing over the campfire. Embers danced in the night sky as the wind softly made its way through camp.

“Yee old, the mountain climb, knights of the old, singing rhyme”, the Knights sang into the winters night with merry cheer, knowing that if they succeeded with their mission, they would be hailed as heroes.

“ Booom”, a lightning bolt came thrashing down from the sky, striking the soldiers campfire, setting the entire camp alight.

Wreathed by fire, the knights tried desperately to set the fire out with their ewers.

Then from behind, they heard a terrifying scream, “Roarr”. The knights turned around, to see a gigantic dinosaur, encompassed by lightning, running towards them.

The Knights quickly realised that the King wanted the soul of Tyrant X, a creature of legend that radiates thunder to kill. They soon discovered they had signed up for a suicide mission.

Cecile, the Queen of Ivory holds the book of wise, a magical book that contains ancient spells while Tyler the King of Ebony possesses the continent greatsword, a powerful weapon that causes earthquakes upon swings, something that is mighty in use but difficult to wield:

Extract in Seven Kingdoms SM 5:5, an ally is born:

The King of Ebony fastened his sword to his waist and put on his panoply.

He began packing an armored trunk full of weapons, not knowing what he may undergo beyond the Seven Kingdoms.

Kalodor, the king’s most trusted counsel approached the door of the king’s chambers, whispering in: “Sire, your entourage awaits you.”

“Thank you, Kalodor”, he replied. I will be out shortly.

“Wait, Kalodor”, speaking softly as his lieutenant began to leave, “I want to speak with you.”

Kalodor approached the king, his robes snaring on a nail protruding from the oak wood floors of the sovereign’s abode.

The king grinned as he looked at his most trusted servant.

“Kalodor, do you think this will work? Will they join us” the king said with trepidation in his voice.

“I don’t know, sire; the Steinmann haven’t been contacted in centuries.”

“ Nevertheless, they could be of vital aid in the battles ahead. It’s worth a gamble, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is”, the king responded softly.

The king walked towards his bay windows, staring off into the distance at the Grayal, the motherland of trolls and the home of the Steinmann.

“Kalador,” the king said with more intensity in his voice. “Darkness is surrounding the Seven Kingdoms; every day it tries to penetrate these walls, we have to be ready for when it does.”

Having been daydreaming, the King of Ebony abruptly snapped out of his muse.

Remembering his conversation with Kalador from the day before, he began rallying his men.

“Gentlemen, we are nearly there,” he said with vehemence in his voice. “

Approaching a cliff face and glancing at his compass, the king halted.

“This is it”, he hollered.

He turned around to look at his men, but before he could emit another word, a huge mountain troll came out of the shadows knocking the king against the cliff face.

Dazed and trying to reach for his greatsword, the king watched as the monstrosity tore his men to shreds.

Then, a huge stone mercenary landed on the cliff floor from the mountain, pounding the troll with might with its huge stone-clad hands, causing the troll to flee.

Realizing that this was the being he was looking for, the sovereign quickly got to his feet, approaching the stone beast.

“You are the mighty Steinmann, yes?” He said firmly

The creature nodded

“Then we need your help, son.”

Thus, not even a powerful weapon like the continent greatsword can protect you from the demons of the night. Proving that alliances are far more important to withstand the oncoming threat.

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