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Duelist King Lore Book: Chapter 4 (Darvasa)

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A couple of months ago we introduced you to Genesis (High Heaven), the home of gods and angels. This week we want to introduce you to Darvasa, the burning hell, a place consumed by darkness and fire.

Into the Abyss

Darvasa is the home of devils, an evil place where no light can penetrate, due to the territory’s deep layer of ash. The burning hell is completely immersed by fire and consists of evil creatures such as the lady devil that waters her gardens using the souls of dead creatures.Darvasa also is home to creatures far more deadly:Extract in Darvasa KE 2:5, the beast:

In the dark, black depths of Darvasa, Kerberos, the mighty beast of old, raised its three heads and looked up as embers dropped from the layered ash canopy liketh flames in the night sky.

The scolding heat of the underworld struck Kerberos like a salamander as the ancient beast rose from its slumber, causing it pain.

Kerberos alloweth a roar to mask the discomfort, which echoed throughout the dungeon that the creature laid dormant in.

Of course, the pain that Kerberos had felt was all too common. The fervent temperature of the underworld was torturing, not only physically but mentally. The discomfort reminded Kerberos of life gone by.

Kerberos was accouched from the ashes of tragedy, born from the remnants of death and despair.

Kerberos was part of an archaic race of three-headed dogs, a pack that tantivy roams the harsh wilderness of ancient jungles steeped in mystery.

However, one day, malevolent tyrants slaughtered his entire family, bestowing suffering on the great Kerberos as the only survivor of the sanguinary conflict.

Hereupon, Kerberos slew thousands on his crusades, vowing to smite his families assassins and thus was banished to hell by members of the chantre. Thenceforth Kerberos is afeared by those of the land where they dare to speak his name.

Kerberos finally stood, his mind quickly flitting to his dead family and their killers. The beast, fuelled by rage, alloweth out one last roar that shook the cavern, filling his body with hellfire and brimstone.

Tortured by his past, Kerberous beganeth his daily destruction through the dungeons of Darvasa.

In the land of Darvasa, war is the only thing the devils want, with the taking of souls being their utmost priority. Everyday, the demons of Darvasa will fight one another without reason:

Extract in Darvasa SU 14: 8, the cult:

Huge rigid doors closed behind Succubus as she made her way into one of the hellish halls of Darvaza, beating her bat-like wings as she moved.

Cultists filled the room, chatting to one another about their subjugations and pillages.

Black panoplies lined the walls, with a massive dining table centred in the middle. The table was full of rotten human meat, provided by her entourages latest killing spree.

A large fire sat at the far end of the room, blazing as a scraggly imp tried to keep it alight.

Succubus approached the end of the massive banquet table, pulling out a chair to sit down.

Succubus cleared her throat. “Gentleman”. The cultists in the room quickly pivoted to face Succubus, hurrying to their stools at the table.

After waiting for the final cultists to sit down, Succubus continued: We are the Guild of Death, one of the most feared kin in the land.”

“But a being known as the Dragon Slayer has been bedevilling our men, dwindling our numbers in Darvaza.”

One cultist perked up, “eh, what makes this being so different?”

Succubus responded firmly, “Reports suggest it has a Dragon.”

Gasps filled the air as the cultists started to quarrel amongst each other.

“SILENCE” Succubus stood in irritation, bashing her fist on the table. The cultists fell silent, watching their leader as she raised her hand.

“We need to end this Dragon Sla…” Succubus was quickly interrupted by the same cultist. “How on earth do you think we will do this then, ma lady?

“We do NOT have the capacity for any more on the…”

Before the cultist could finish, Succubus picked up a lance swathed in poison off of the wall, pitching it at the blunt cultist with masterful exactitude.

Piercing through its pale white flesh, the spear pinned the cultist to the wall, instantly butchering him with the weapons toxin. Succubus flew over to the dead cultist with her bat-like wings to absorb his soul.

The other cultists sat at the table, aghast. Without flinching, Succubus absorbed the cultist’s soul and resumed, “I want all able to fight with me at dawn” “Let’s slay this Dragon Slayer.”

“Let’s take its soul.”

Thus creatures in this land only know of war and conflict. They form small tribes, led by four powerful commanders..Only the commanders may enter the lady devil garden, for otherwise death’s door awaits you.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this latest rendition of the Duelist King lore book, expect more in the coming months, outlining the core features and aspects behind the Duelist King lore. For more information regarding Duelist King and the latest information about our V4 card sale, check out our website.

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