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Duelist King Lore Book: Chapter 3 (Erebor)


A good video game is not without its story and lore. Big blockbusters such as The Witcher have a strong backbone of storytelling. Many forget about the mythology behind their game characters and overarching game story. Htype: embedded-entry-inline id: 70WSjMD3QaSVHWDPa75jhDere at Duelist King, it is always at the forefront of our minds.

Chapter 3 of the Duelist King lore book will outline the lore surrounding another of Duelaria's many kingdoms, Erebor.

Erebor is the kingdom of dwarfs, otherwise known as the kingdom of iron. Over the last century, the dwarfs have become experts in craftsmanship and metalworking, using their magical abilities to create great machines of deadly power. With the oncoming war hitting the lands of Duelaria, the dwarfs of Erebor have been busy preparing for what is ahead.

When Magic Meets Metal

Extract in Erebor RF 5:7, magic meets metal:

In past gone by, dwarfs in the Kingdom of Erebor began smelting metal. Like clockwork, magical dwarfs, those with the power to levitate objects employed their ability to fuse the metal pieces to create various metal shapes.

One by one, the dwarfs extracted the metal from ore, passing it to their brethren to be joined together. Picking up the pace, the dwarfs began to sing in a baritone voice:

"Far over Erabor Sun"

"For whence the Dwarfs begun."

"Pride we have, for not we shun."

"For great Erabor, we serve until done."

Stopping for a second to catch their breath, the dwarves continued to sing.

"From mountains deep, we gather the materials we seek."

"Until the day we sleep."

"Roaming Fortress, stand tall, for you shall protect this Kingdom until it falls"

The dwarves stopped singing, standing back as they looked at the finished masterpiece.

For they had just built the Roaming Fortress, a being infused with magic and technology, the vowed guardian of the Kingdom of Erebor.

For centuries the Roaming fortress would protect the kingdom from darkness, taking on the ill of the night. But only time will tell if the mighty fortress is enough to propel oncoming wickedness.

Preparing for battle

The kingdom of Erebor is a gigantic cave situated between the human kingdom and Manchac, the death swamp. Erebor has allied with the kingdom of men as one of the powerful seven kingdoms. Similarly, Erebor is known for its precious metals, such as the god stone and ruler Strog, the dwarf king.

Although powerful as a race, the king has become reliant on mechanics, through the power of magic and technology, to keep their race alive:

Extract in Erebor CM 11:18, The Roundtable:

The Dwarves of Erebor gathered around a large wooden table with pints of lager in their hands. Food filled the table, all sourced from the finest merchants the land of Dularia had to offer.

A large dwarf entered the room, approaching and sitting down at the table.

"Any news, my lord" "Will they Join us" one dwarf vocalised from the table, directed at the large dwarf.

After taking a while to reply, he finally answered.

"Yes, the land of men will join us from the High Kingdom." Then pausing for a second, he continued. "But they are the only ones."

Upon hearing the bad news, the dwarves broke out into anger, hurling food across the table and bickering with one another.

Upon seeing his kin break out into dispute, the large dwarf stood.

"Silence," He roared with anger in his voice, "For I am Strog, son of Storg, son of Stawn, and I am the King of Erebor."

The dwarves fell silent, looking at their leader with trepidation in their eyes.

Strog, the Dwarf king, continued: "But we don't need the aid of others; we have the machine of death."

"One-armed with the finest blades and firearms in the fatherland. The CRUSHING MORTAR".

Energised, the Dwarf King continued to speak, tossing down parchment onto the table. "Here it is." With pride in his voice, he said, "It's being assembled as we speak."

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