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Duelist King Lore Book Chapter 12: Sainte Marie (The Pirate Cove)

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Over the past eleven chapters, we have covered the ins and outs of Duelist King lore, from the icy planes to the fiery depths of Duelaria. This lore book highlights another realm on Duelist King, known for its deadly nature.

Sainte Marie, otherwise known as the Pirate Cove, is a deadly realm home to swashbuckling pirates. Once an affluent navel town, it was overrun by pirates known as the Black Shadow, a terrifying cult of bloodthirsty pirates who crave conquering the weak.Since then, the town has become a pirate safe haven from the law of the land. The pirate cove’s leader is blackshard, an evil but fair pirate lord that is the de facto leader of the Black Shadow.As you can expect, there are no rules at Sainte Marie, only the pirate’s code of conduct. Thus constant brawls occur daily between pirates and crewmates. It is lawless and known for its brutality.

The pirates of the cover are also thirsty for the souls they can take, as each soul is incredibly valuable, with many paying a pretty penny for one. Thus, they are more than ready for the upcoming fight in Duelaria.For more information about Sainte Maria, make sure to check out the Duelist King website. The pirate cove is full of wonders and mystery, and we can’t wait to show you more in the future.

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