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Duelist King January (2022) Roundup

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The first month of the year is a tough one for any business. For Duelist King, January has been a huge month, reaching milestones, forming new partnerships and engaging the community more than ever, setting the stage for the rest of 2022.

In this blog, we will recap all the latest happenings this month in the world of Duelist King. You can expect a monthly recap blog to inform you about the newest DK news every month, up until the game releases in March and beyond.

Starting off Strong

We doubled down on our partnerships and community engagement programs to start the month. We formed new alliances with organisations such as Tofu.Net and integrated further with existing ones like Crypto.com.

We announced further collaboration with these partners, including an RSS news feed on our Crypto.com price page. Similarly, we extended our hands out to new partners partaking in events like the App Works Wen3 GSEA event and Fintech Open Innovation Week.

Likewise, we also focused hard on community engagement, launching several community engagement programs. We opened our discord shop, enabling you to farm valuable $DKT and launched our community loyalty program, rewarding our most loyal members with rewards. Similarly, we introduced a whole range of other engagement activities like gaming on the weekend and, of course, our card story competitions.

We did all this, which is just the first half of January! Let’s move on to the second half.

We Built Momentum

In the second half of January, we picked up momentum. We not only pushed harder with our community programs, improving community engagement but strengthened our ties with our partners further. We partnered with Cheesus and took part in numerous AMA’s like Moon Invest, featuring our staff members.

Likewise, on top of all this, we exponentially increased membership of our social media channels and released technical blogs featuring our very own CEO Dũng Trần.

But perhaps the cherry on top was the launch of our NFT staking reward program on January 25th, and of course, our fantastic teaser trailer, which teased our game, just in time for the release of our playable demo in February.

As a result, January has been a monumental month for Duelist King and an incredible kick-off to the year. I hope you can agree that Duelist King is on a roll and that this year looks to be huge for our game.

We hope you enjoyed this round-up blog of January. As mentioned, you can expect one of these in-depth blogs at the end of every month.

Stay tuned to all of our social media channels for the latest information regarding Duelist King. We are gearing up to launch our game demo this month, so make sure not to miss out!

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