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DK Multichain Integration Increases NFT Liquidity 

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Hey, Duelist King allies, and welcome back to another one of our educational blogs. We recently released our third set of cards, otherwise known as our V4 cards.  

Likewise, you also know that Duelist King has had successful NFT sales on Polygon and Fantom, officially supported by the two chains, and now we are adding BNB, one of the most liquid secure chains. This integration will increase liquidity for our NFTs. 

This blog will outline how to migrate these cards from Polygon and Fantom to the Binance Smart Chain and why Duelist King is a leader in multi-chain technology.

For more information on the card sale and to check out our cards in all their glory, you can buy them via the Duelist King website

How is Duelist King Multi Chain?

Duelist King is a multi-chain blockchain game powered by the Orochi Network. The Orochi network is the leading infrastructure for decentralized gaming. It utilizes multi-layer technology, facilitating multi-chain networks. You can check out Orochi here.

As a result, Duelist King is multi-chain and can be utilized across multiple blockchains. For example, our NFTs can be migrated across blockchains, such as Fantom, Polygon, and BNB. 

Duelist King NFTs are currently available across several Blockchains, such as Fantom and BNB. In the subsequent iterations of blockchain integration, our NFTs will be able to be used in-game across any chain. 

Our development teams are working hard to make this a reality. As we build out Duelist King past our public alpha, expect to see game integration with cross-chain integration. When we complete the integration to the Orochi Metachain, our NFTs will be able to move more freely.

BNB Migration 

Now let's talk about NFT migration across blockchains. More specifically, from Fantom and Polygon to Binance Smart Chain. We enable our NFT holders to migrate their cards and mystery boxes across chains. 

Players can move over their boxes by simply selecting the boxes and NFTs they want to migrate on the BNB website and move them over from Fantom and Polygon using the Duelist King Oracle. 

Users will soon see the NFTs in their inventory without any change. Here is a quick step by step guide to migration.

  1. Search for the Duelist King website (DuelistKing.com) and click the Migration NFT button at the top of the page.

  2. Enter your account details

  3. Next, connect either to Fantom to the Polygon network to view your NFTs.

  4. Click continue and proceed to migrate your cards to BNB. It is as easy as that!

Note: Upon migration cards, you will have to pay gas fees from the source background.

Of course, migration to BNB presents numerous benefits to users. It gives Duelist King's NFT more utility with greater accessibility, enabling players to use our NFTs via a greater selection of blockchains. It has lightning-fast transaction times and low fees, making it the perfect blockchain for multi-chain integration. 

Furthermore, we will be listing across several marketplaces such as BabySwap, TofuNFT, backeryswap, and Babyswap.     

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Final Thoughts

Overall, we are incredibly proud to announce the migration from Fantom and Polygon to BNB as one of the most trusted multi-chain operabilities. As Duelist King evolves and continues to innovate on gameplay, our integration will also evolve across blockchains. 

Following the migration, Duelist King users will be able to use their NFTs across different chains while enjoying the game. This will be specifically important when our beta releases in Q2 of 2022. The future is bright for Duelist King, and cross-chain migration is just one step to making Duelist King the number one card game on the market.

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