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The Origin of Gaming

Gaming is one of the oldest forms of human entertainment, with long-standing traditions around the world. It has evolved from simple “body motion” games to online virtual reality systems. Today, gaming communities and hardware vendors provide a wide range of products and services to meet the needs of millions of players.The story of gaming is a long and storied one. It began with simple board games such as those played by the Ancient Egyptians around 3000 BC called Senet. From there it evolved through the ages, moving to computer design, and now — phones.Video games are becoming increasingly popular, as people from all walks of life are beginning to enjoy the many benefits of such. These games have an amazing ability for teaching and enjoyment that just cannot be matched by any other form of media.Video games are a catch-all term for interactive software designed to be played by users, who control the actions of characters by executing sequences of actions.They are simulated environments where the player participates in a variety of activities and can win or lose.

Why do we Play Video Games?

We play video games because they are fun and entertaining. When we play a video game we are crafting an experience that is both complex, interesting and hilarious all of which cannot be matched by watching a film or reading a book.Video games allow us to be creative, control something and learn about subjects that are not taught in school.

What is the Future Gaming, and How will Duelist King Shape It?

It’s time to make a change. The future of gaming is here. As the boundaries between the digital and real worlds continue to blur, this seemingly endless connection has enabled new ways to experience the things that you love. It’s more personal and immersive, otherwise known as the metaverse.We are on the brink of a revolution. Where people and technology can come together to make it possible for games to go beyond reality, giving us not just an escape but a completely new way of experiencing the world around us. Blockchain enables us to do this with Duelist King.Another aspect of the future of gaming is virtual reality and Augmented reality. The future of gaming is in VR and AR. Virtual reality promises to transport gamers inside the experience, from their living room to alien planets, haunted houses, and other worlds where their only limitations will be what they can imagine.Duelist King will be at the forefront of this change, incorporating mainstream gaming and future blockchain mechanics to build next generational gaming products that satisfy traditional audiences and web3 evangelicals.Duelist King is a traditional card game at its heart, but with additional blockchain mechanics. Our mission is to create a game that is fun to play and expertly crafted in a way that utilizes blockchain to benefit gamers. Blockchain should never be the main standout factor of a game, and we firmly believe that.

About Duelist King

Duelist King is not just another NFT card game. The project is revolutionizing how people buy, collect, play, trade, contribute designs, and earn in NFT card games. It operates on a Win2Earn model, which gets players to enjoy the game first, engage with the community second, and earn value.Furthermore, through the power of DAO and tokenization, Duelist Kings have created the first-ever democratic NFT card game where the players shape all aspects of the game. For example, Duelist King allows you to customize your deck, choose your own gameplay, design your own game or build a unique tournament that the community can vote on via the DKT (Duelist King Tokens) governance tokens.

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