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BlockchainSpace Partners with Cross-Chain NFT Platform and Game Duelist King

BlockchainSpace x Duelist King

BlockchainSpace and Duelist King collaboration brings more play-to-earn opportunities to thousands of guilds and millions of gamers worldwide.

BlockchainSpace, the world’s largest hub for play-to-earn guilds, is excited to announce our partnership with the cutting-edge cross-chain NFT platform and game Duelist King! We are thrilled to collaborate with a project as innovative as Duelist King as they move closer to their full launch.

BlockchainSpace x Duelist King

Through this partnership, BlockchainSpace (BSPC) and Duelist King will work together on a co-marketing announcement to onboard more guilds and gamers worldwide. As Duelist King is interested in partnering with microguilds, they are interested in getting BSPC guilds into the closed alpha. Duelist King will provide some alpha passes and airdrops to BSPC as an incentive to guilds.

What is Duelist King?

As the first NFT game powered by Dual Launch via PancakeSwap, where they raised US$500,000, Duelist King is built on BSC and Cardano and supported by Fantom, Polygon, and Cronos to provide a cross-chain platform for NFTs. Inspired by Yu-gi-oh, this game features an in-house asset distribution platform (Orochi.network) and Oracle allow ultimate fair and random distribution of their 1 billion cards.The Duelist King team is made up of 25 developers in Vietnam, Finland, India, and the US, and their four co-founders have worked in blockchain cryptography and the crypto community since 2016. Their community has over 100,000 followers on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram, and they have weekly programs and games for their community to maintain healthy engagement. With first-class designs, unique gameplay, and tailor-made lore, Duelist King has already sold 250,000 NFTs in the first card sale that only lasted 45 minutes.With a threshold of only US$22 to get started in Duelist King, we believe this play-to-earn game is going to take the community by storm. We are looking forward to what the future holds. Keep an eye out for more announcements on this thrilling collaboration!

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Duelist King is a multi-chain NFT card built around the Win2Earn narrative and powered by in-house DAO, Oracle, and Random Number Generator

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