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An Interview with Vincent Bui: CEO of Duelist King

An Interview with Vincent Bui: CEO of Duelist King

In light of the Duelist King tournament, we had the pleasure of interviewing Vincent Bui, the CEO of Duelist King, about the future of Duelist King and the tournament.

Hi Vincent, can you briefly give us an overview of what you do as CEO of Duelist King?

It’s a great opportunity to become CEO of Duelist King. Since I took over the CEO role from Chiro I’ve discussed a lot with team members and shared my vision about this project with them.

As you know, the DueslistKing game is the most important thing for our company. So almost all my time was spent on product development. My responsibilities is divided into 3 separate parts:

Working with the development team to make sure our project is on track and keep everything following the vision.

With our core team, CMO to get more and more connected with the publisher and drive the project forward.

And a very important task is keeping connection with our community.

What have you been most proud of regarding Duelist King since you took charge?

Since I’ve joined the DuelistKing game, I am always proud to be a part of a very exciting project. And with my contribution, our game will be published in the very near future, with a lot of balancing updates.

What exciting gameplay updates are coming up that you are excited about?

The newest card packs will be implemented into the game and we also have plans to re-work some of the Legendary cards and SSRare cards which will give you more and more tools to create your own strategy.

Duelist King is about to hold its first tournament. What are your thoughts on this exciting moment in Duelist King History?

Hype, I really want to see our champions fight with each other, they will give us many many things to study which will help us to improve Duelisting King game a lot

In terms of interoperability, how does Duelist King seek to utilize this concept?

I’ve seen that this concept has a huge potential with many kinds of entertainment.We’ve many many ways to utilize this concept. Just imagine that you will use these cards in a RPG game like some idle game on the market at the moment, or you can use these heroes in a MOBA game.

With a good concept and storyboard, I think this duelist king should become a dark fantasy metaverse.

The market is looking somber at the moment; what do you want to tell the Duelist King fans who are nervous about the future of the project?

The future of the project is crystal clear: we aim to release the beta version following the important point of view: Win to Earn and become an Esport game.

Any final thoughts? On the future of Duelist King? What do the next six months hold for the game?

Next six month will be a tough time for gamefi, but I believe with a very talented team we’ve here our project will succeed. Beside keep improving and balancing the game we will publish another version for normal gamers which will give our project a huge boost on the market. Our project will be very “well-known.

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