• How can I get to play?

    You need to collect at least 22 cards to be able to play the game. You can use cards of similar designs yet it is advisable to diversify your deck to gain more leverage and power in the game.

  • How are the cards distributed?

    We will offer card sales in rounds for different designs so that you can collect a decent deck to get started.

    Please remember that some of the designs of the previous rounds won't be offered in the subsequent rounds so lay your claim on your favorite card designs the moment you see it!

    Cards are distributed in mystery boxes. One box includes 5 cards of random rareness level - Legendary, Special Super Rare, Super Rare, Rare, Uncommon and Common (in descending value and rareness) through our in-house fair distribution system which is verifiable on blockchain.

  • Where can I buy cards? Click here

    Buy cards on our official website duelistking.com.

    Trade cards with our community members.

    You can buy/sell your cards on popular marketplaces including Opensea, Refinable, and Binance NFT. Please be mindful of your own risk when buying cards on marketplaces and from community members.

  • How much does it cost?

    One mystery box is sold at 5 USD (retail price).

    The more you buy, the higher discount is offered through our dynamic discount model.


  • How does the game look like?

    Each card comes with its own Resistance, Attack score and other attributes that you can strategize for your game plays.

    Check out our trailer here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoDNydwAeUE

  • When can I try your shiny game?

    The first playable demo is released in September 2021 and the first version in November 2021.


  • What can I get when buying cards early?

    Early bird access to game: Access to early playable demo & version.

    Owning and trading NFTs: Cards as NFTs are tradeable on popular marketplaces including Openseas.

    Special perks for VIP members: Access to Leaderboard club with special perks (including airdrop, box discount etc.) for top 100 users with highest volume/referral on monthly basis.

    IDO participation: A slot (500 USD investment per slot) to participate in our IDO without having to be whitelisted for top 50 members in Leaderboard club and 50 first members who owns a Legendary card from our card sales. Those who receive a Legendary card in the first Airdrop program will be entitled to one IDO slot without having to be whitelisted. Our IDO is scheduled for early Q4 2021.

  • Will you offer Gamify features for Duelist King?

    Swap and farming will be introduced later this year.